Forms and Documents

Many of our students have asked about forms that can be used to document the testing and training.  For the most part, contractors were required to create their own forms.

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After looking around on the internet, we ran across  These forms provide everything a contractor needs.  Click here to obtain the discounted sales price.

From the website, “All forms and signs are in “easy to handle” pads that you can conveniently carry in your truck or clipboard. The Laminated EPA 8 Step Flow Chart is an essential tool  to use carry with you at all times that will take you through all the steps of testing, preparation, and clean-up.

Like all specialized industry professionals, contractors working with Lead Paint require specific forms and documents to keep their business running smoothly, ensure their operations are legally protected, and all contractual obligations are faithfully discharged.

No matter how big or small a construction company is there are certain forms that every contractor must have and use in order to do business effectively.”